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Next Generation DLE Provider Electralith Produces 99.9% Pure Battery-Grade Lithium Hydroxide from Mandrake Brine

Mandrake Resources Limited (ASX: MAN) (Mandrake or the Company) advises that next- generation Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) and Refining provider ElectraLith Pty Ltd (ElectraLith) has produced 99.9% pure battery grade Lithium Hydroxide directly from Mandrake’s 100%-owned flagship 93,755 acre (~379km2) Utah Lithium Project brines.


Rio Tinto-backed Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) and Refining company ElectraLith has successfully produced 99.9% pure battery-grade Lithium Hydroxide from Mandrake’s 100%-owned Utah Lithium Project using it’s cutting-edge DLE-R processRequiring no water or chemicals, ElectraLith’s Direct Lithium Extraction and Refining (DLE-R) process has greatly enhanced the potential of the Utah Lithium ProjectThe production of battery-grade Lithium Hydroxide direct from brine revolutionises DLE by skipping the conventional interim step of producing lithium carbonate using costly, carbon intensive convertersMandrake and ElectraLith progressing a Strategic Partnership Agreement to facilitate the construction of a DLE-R pilot facility at the Utah Lithium Project

ElectraLith’s DLE and Refining (DLE-R) technology processed brines in parallel from both Mandrake’s Utah Lithium Project and Rio Tinto’s globally significant Rincon lithium brine project in Argentina.

Spun out of Monash University and backed by Rio Tinto and IP Group Australia, ElectraLith’s DLE-R is emerging as one of the cleanest, fastest, most versatile and cost-efficient methods of extracting and refining lithium. It’s proprietary electro-membrane technology requires no water or chemicals and can run entirely on renewable power, making it ideal for the water and resource constrained Paradox Basin.

Mandrake sent ElectraLith brines from the Lisbon B-912 well – one of the lower lithium concentration bulk samples from sampling activities undertaken in December 2023. The Lisbon B-912 brines contained 65.6mg/L lithium whilst the Big Indian #1 well (bulk sample sent to DLE provider Electroflow – results expected shortly) brines contained lithium concentrations of 147mg/L. Please see Mandrake’s ASX release of 22 January 2024 and Table 1 attached for further details.

ElectraLith’s work represents the groundbreaking production of Lithium Hydroxide direct from Mandrake’s Utah Lithium Project brines. It also confirms DLE-R’s ability to do so without consuming water or chemicals, greatly enhancing the potential of the Utah Lithium Project.

The ability of ElectraLith’s DLE-R technology to produce battery grade Lithium Hydroxide directly from brine revolutionises DLE by completely circumventing the conventional interim steps of lithium processing, being the production of lithium chloride and lithium carbonate, which often involves the use of costly, carbon intensive converters.

The relationship between ElectraLith and Mandrake is non-exclusive, enabling Mandrake to continue exploring and assessing other competing DLE technologies. To that end, Mandrake is currently awaiting test results from bulk brine samples sent to the Bill Gates-backed US- based DLE company Electroflow (see ASX release dated 22 December 2023).

Managing Director James Allchurch commented:

‘DLE technology is absolutely critical to the future of lithium and the broader global energy transition. Our research into this innovative technology has been comprehensive, quickly identifying ElectraLith as one of the leaders in the field. The ability for ElectraLith’s DLE-R to produce Lithium Hydroxide directly from brine using limited power, no water and no chemicals is revolutionary in the DLE space, putting Mandrake’s US-based brine asset in a commanding position.

I look forward to concluding a partnership agreement with ElectraLith which will facilitate the construction of a DLE-R facility at Mandrake’s Utah Lithium Project.

Furthermore, the maiden Mineral Resource Estimate for the Utalh Lithium Project is well advanced, and I look forward to updating the market when complete.’

Click here for the full ASX Release

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